Specify Fax User Profile to be Used

$fax_user filename

This command must be used to specify the user profile that will be used to deliver the requested information.

For fax-on-demand callback operations, CopiaFacts creates this command at the time the FS file is created, from the active user profile at the time of the request. This user profile must therefore enable both request and outbound (or, for fax mail, both retrieve and deliver) operations.

For fax server applications, the client application must provide a valid user profile in this command, which enables outbound operations. (The user profiles will normally enable these operations passively, just by not overriding the operations configured for the line). Information from the user profile is used to set up the line before placing the outbound call.

For job admin operations, the fax user will be the job instance properties file (JOBnnnnn.UJP).

The parameter on this command is used as follows:

filename the full pathname of the user profile (.USR) file.

Default: none (required command)


$fax_user @FFUSER\fax.usr

$fax_user @FFUSER\internal.usr

$fax_user @FFJOBS\00001234\NO_JTYPE\JOB12345.UJP