Record Fax TOSEND Directory Number

$fax_tosend dirnum

This command records the number of the TOSENDx directory into which CopiaFacts placed the FS file, if this was other than the normal TOSEND directory. An alternate directory can be specified by assigning a number to the TOSEND system variable during a fax-on-demand request. This command is not needed (but may be given) for fax server operations, even if the client application places the FS file in a TOSENDx directory.

This command is always ignored when an FS file is read by the CopiaFacts engine; the TOSEND directory number is already known when the file is loaded from the folder.  However the command is read by FFEXTERN, to determine what folder to use for the FS file after a document conversion operation.

The parameter on this command is used as follows:

dirnum a TOSENDx directory number, from 1 to the maximum value set by the $request_dir configuration command.

This command may also be used in an FS template file, such as the template file used by FFBC or FFMERGE. In this case it is used to specify the folder into which an FS file generated from the template is to be placed.  Such usage is validated against the default 'tosend-set' (TOSEND .. TOSEND15) or an override established by the $tosend_set configuration command. If the dirnum value is not in the tosend-set, then:

if it is a number within the size of the tosend-set, it is used as an index: for example 3 selects the third item in the tosend-set

if it is larger than the size of the tosend-set, the last item in the tosend-set is used.

This command is also used internally by various CopiaFacts software to preserve the TOSEND folder number during other operations such as pre-processing.


$fax_tosend 3