Record Result Status-2

$fax_status2 status

This command identifies the outcome code reported back by the fax, voice or e-mail transmission. If the transmission succeeded, the code will be zero and the FS file will be in the SENT directory; if it failed, the code will be as shown in the Fax Error Codes list and the FS file will be in the TOSEND or FAIL directory depending on whether or not further attempts are scheduled.

For post-process operations, the outcome code is available in system variable OC_CODE.

The parameter on this command is used as follows:

status a numeric status value, zero for success, non-zero for failure.

If the 'fail extensions' option for the COPIAFACTS program is specified, the FS file in the FAIL directory will have the .FS file extension replaced by the last three digits of the status value.

This command need not be specified when creating an FS file to initiate an operation, and will always be generated to record the outcome of the operation.


$fax_status2 0