Control Outbound Processing Status-1

$fax_status1 status [lineno]

This command identifies the current processing status of the outbound fax, voice or e-mail transmission.

The parameters on this command are used as follows:

status a numeric status value as follows:
0 awaiting pre-processing
1 preprocessing in progress (set by pre-process)
2 ready for transmission
3 transmission in progress
4 awaiting post-processing
5 post-processing in progress (set by post-process)
6 completed
lineno the line processing the file (recorded in status 3 only). A status can be left at 3 if for example the power fails during a transmission, and having the active line present allows such files to be recognized and moved to the FAIL directory (with a $fax_status2 value of 66). Without the line number it would be impossible to distinguish such a file from one relating to a real transmission actually in progress on a line controlled by another node.

Note that status values 0, 1, 4 and 5 apply only to $fax_pre-process and $fax_post-process keywords EXTERNAL and INTERNAL. These keywords remain available for legacy applications but the INFOBOX keywords are now recommended for new applications. INFOBOX pre- and post- processing is performed automatically before and after transmission and do not depend on this status value.

CopiaFacts never writes FS files in a TOSENDx folder with status value 6.  When a value of 6 is read from a file in a TOSENDx folder, other than a Job Administration FS file, it is treated as if it was a value of 2.  This allows a further transmission attempt to be initiated by manually moving an FS file from SENT or FAIL back to a TOSENDx folder. Wherever possible, however, a retry should be initiated from the STATUS program, rather than by dragging an FS file.  Job Administration FS files should only be manually retried using Job Administration functions.

Default: 2 (ready for transmission)


$fax_status1 2