Specify Time of Fax Send

$fax_send_time starttime [endtime [days [DEST|override]]]

This command is used to defer a transmission until a later date or time. It is normally used only for fax server applications, and would then be generated in JOBADMIN or from a broadcast template file.  It applies to all types of FS file, not just for fax.

If the $fax_send_date command is omitted, the time will be treated as applying to the current date on the day that the file is processed.

The parameters on this command is used as follows:

starttime the start time for deferred transmission, always in HH:MM:SS format.
endtimethe time after which transmissions will be delayed to the following day, again in HH:MM:SS format.  If the endtime is earlier than the starttime, this implies that transmissions will take place overnight.
daysa string of digits from 0 to 6 indicating the days on which transmissions are allowed (0 indicates Sunday, and 12345 indicates weekdays only).  If the value is empty ("") or if it contains characters other than 0 to 6, all days will be used.  A transmission period is omitted from the schedule if its starttime falls on a non-permitted day.  The permitted days only affect the week commencing with the fax send date: after this if an item has not been transmitted it will be failed with outcome code 183.
DESTa keyword to indicate that the transmission periods are to be calculated by reference to the time at the destination, and that the time at destination is to be calculated by analyzing the telephone number used for the fax, voice or SMS transmission.  Alternatively, you can override the destination time-zone by means of one of the following override parameters:
phonenumbera phone number may be entered which is analyzed to determine or override the timezone. This allows scheduling of e-mail broadcasts provided that there is a telephone number available in your broadcast list.  A variable may be entered here, for example @BCF3 to select the contents of list column 3.  For international destinations you may enter just the country code, for example +33.  The + sign will be expanded in this field, but no phone-mask processing is done.
statefor transmissions to the USA and Canada, a standard two-letter state or province abbreviation may be entered.  Again, you can use a variable to supply this if you have a 'state' field in your broadcast list.
GMT+n, GMT-none of these keywords, from GMT+12 to GMT-14 will cause an absolute time zone to be used as the destination time zone. Important: the international standard for GMT time-zone names uses +values to the west of the prime meridian and -values to the east, not as you might expect  For example New York (in winter) is officially in the GMT+5 time zone but the hour value in New York is 5 hours less than the hour value in London.  For GMT itself, either omit the number or use GMT+0 or GMT-0.  Note that using the GMT option does not take account of daylight savings time.  All in all, probably best to avoid the GMT names.

The same DEST or override parameters may also be assigned to the TIME_OFFSET variable to set the offset value based on the destination or a specific time zone.

Please read the detailed description of the Timed Delivery by Destination feature before using the fields other than starttime on this command.

Portions of the CopiaFacts interface to the Timezone Database are 'Copyright ©2008-2010, Ciobanu Alexandru. All rights reserved'.

Default: the fax is transmitted as soon as possible.


Simple delayed start time:

$fax_send_time 06:30:00

Delayed start time beginning on a later day:

$fax_send_date 06/01/2011

$fax_send_time 09:00:00

Transmissions during the morning only:

$fax_send_time 09:00:00 12:00:00

Transmissions on weekday mornings only, from Wednesday June 1st 2011 to Tuesday June 7th 2011:

$fax_send_date 06/01/2011

$fax_send_time 09:00:00 12:00:00 12345

Transmissions on the morning of Wednesday June 1st 2011 only; any items not sent by 12:00:00 will be failed:

$fax_send_date 06/01/2011

$fax_send_time 09:00:00 12:00:00 3

Voice broadcast on weekday mornings only, based on destination time zone:

$voice_phone @BCF1


$fax_send_time 09:00:00 12:00:00 12345 DEST

E-Mail broadcast on weekday mornings only, based on destination time zone (needs phone numbers also, in list column 3):

$email_address @BCF1


$fax_send_time 09:00:00 12:00:00 12345 @BCF3

E-Mail broadcast to Argentina on weekday mornings only, local time. Both methods will
produce the same result unless Argentina decides to re-introduce a summer time adjustment:

$fax_send_time 09:00:00 12:00:00 12345 +54

$fax_send_time 09:00:00 12:00:00 12345 GMT+3

Voice broadcast to destinations known to be in California for weekday mornings only:

$fax_send_time 09:00:00 12:00:00 12345 CA