Set the Line for Outbound Calls

$fax_send_line line [channelrange]

This command specifies that a particular outgoing line or line group is to be used for callbacks in this application. For a callback request, CopiaFacts places a copy of this command as the $fax_send_line command in an FS file.

In a .USR file, this command has no effect on fax broadcasts nor on any server operations using externally generated FS files. It only affects the contents of a callback FS file generated from a fax on demand or fax mail retrieval request.

In a .UJP file, using this command is equivalent to specifying the $fax_send_line command in every FS file of the job.

Warning: using $fax_send_line commands very often results in severe performance degradation.  This is because FS files are picked up for processing even if the specified lines are busy, and then have to be discarded.  The result is an under-utilization of outbound resources.  If possible use different TOSEND queues, not $fax_send_line to specify special processing, and enable the queues on specific COPIAFACTS instances.

The parameters on this command are used as follows:

line the line number or line group(s) to be used, which must specify a valid outbound line for the system but need not be on the same network node that is processing the request.
channelrange a single range of telephony channel numbers to indicate the telephony board to be used for the outbound call. Currently this parameter applies only to Dialogic primary-rate telephony connections only.

Default: any line configured for outbound may be used.


$fax_send_line 8 ; use user line 8

$fax_send_line 5 ; force WATS line use

$fax_send_line BC1,BC2   ; use two line groups defined in CFG

$fax_send_line 1-6 31-60 ; limit to first six fax

                         ; channels and second E1 board