Specify Date of Fax Send

$fax_send_date MM/DD/YYYY

This command is used to defer a transmission until a later date. It is normally used only for fax server applications, and would then be generated in JOBADMIN or from a broadcast template file.  It applies to all types of FS file, not just for fax.

If this date command is omitted but a $fax_send_time is given, the time will be treated as applying to today's date. If there is a date but no $fax_send_time is specified, transmission will be scheduled for 00:00:00 on the specified date.

If the accompanying $fax_send_time command specifies Timed Delivery by Destination, the date on this command will be taken to be the date in the time zone of the destination.

The parameter on this command is used as follows:

MM/DD/YYYY date for deferred transmission (always USA date format).

Default: the fax is transmitted as soon as possible.


$fax_send_date 10/24/1999