Override Fax Retry Parameters (obsolete)

$fax_retry retries attempts delay [pgretry [option]]

This command is obsolete and its use will override the normal retry operations.

Important note: this command has no effect on fax broadcasts nor on any server operations using externally generated FS files. It only affects the contents of a callback FS file generated from a fax on demand or fax mail retrieval request.

This command is effective only at fax-on-demand request time, when it causes a $fax_retry command to be written into the generated FS file, if the specified values are different from those on the $callback command. This FS-file $fax_retry command then controls the actual retries at transmit time. Note that a $fax_retry command generated in the FS file will override the $retry_delays settings.

The parameters on this command are used as follows:

retries the number of immediate retries, normally taken only when the line has no dial tone.
attempts the number of dial attempts after a delay of minutes specified in the delay parameter. If the call fails (e.g. because the line is busy or does not answer), CopiaFacts will log the call as unsuccessful and reschedule additional attempts up to the number specified by this parameter. If all attempts are unsuccessful, the FS file will be written to the FAIL subdirectory
delay the number of minutes to delay between attempts.
pgretry a number from 0 to 3 to indicate the number of individual page retries required (when supported by the fax hardware). This value overrides the value specified on the $retry_page command.
option a yes/no code to control abandoning the transmission when the page retry limit is reached:
Y abandon the transmission if the specified retries are all unsuccessful
N continue with the next page if the specified retries are all unsuccessful

Hardware Issues: Page Retry is currently supported on Dialogic Fax only


$fax_retry 3 3 5