Specify Fax Receiver Name (Routing)

$fax_receiver routing

This command identifies the name or extension number of the intended recipient of the fax.

For a fax-on-demand callback operation, CopiaFacts will create this command from the extension number (or name, in alpha entry mode) entered by the caller in response to standard voice prompt 19; or looked up as specified in $caller_id; or specified as $owner_name; or assigned to system variable ROUTETO during the request.

For fax server and broadcast  operations, the name will be inserted by the client application, perhaps from a broadcast list or phone book.

The parameter on this command is used as follows:

routing name or routing information, enclosed in double quotes if it contains embedded spaces.

The information may be included on the cover sheet by using the system variable @ROUTETO in the cover sheet template, or in the fax header line.


$fax_receiver "6095551234"

$fax_receiver "Mr. Smith X486"