Override Voice Prompt Sequence


When fax request operations (for callback fax-on-demand) are enabled, this command causes the questions for the caller's  fax number and routing information to be postponed until the end of the transaction, after the images have been selected. If both one-call and callback are enabled, this command causes also defers the questions for whether the caller is calling from a fax machine.

This command takes no parameters.

If question boxes are processed during the call, you can assign new values to the RCVRFAX and ROUTETO system variables which will then be used instead of asking the fax number and routing questions at the end of image selection. This is done with $set_var or $get_var. There is also a CALLTYPE system variable you can set (1 for "calling from fax machine", 0 or 2 if not) which can alter the call type between one-call and callback. If the valid operations only allow one-call or callback, then setting the value of the calltype variable is silently ignored. If the system is used as a voice mail or automated attendant then the request for a fax number early in the call is not a good idea.

When the call type has not been determined at the start of the call, the operation of certain CopiaFacts functions may be affected. For example, the $image_update_only IIF command is only valid when the caller is at his fax machine, and when $fax_phone_last is in effect we may not know whether this is so or not. These problems should not affect normal fax-on-demand applications. To avoid trouble, use the $set_var command to set the call type as soon as you are able to determine this.

Default: normal message sequence


$fax_phone_last ; defer phone question(s)