Fax Mail NSF Data

$fax_nsfdata "nsfdata"

This command records the Non-Standard Facilities (NSF) data, if available, from the sending fax machine which transmitted this fax mail item. The data is recorded automatically by CopiaFacts. By definition, there is no standard format for this data, but the field is often used to record the company name of the sender. Specific makes and models of fax machine may also use this data area to record other configuration and capability information. CopiaFacts attempts to extract any data from the field which appears to be an ASCII string. ASCII data sent along with a fax transmission is normally written from right to left (ask the ITU why!) and so CopiaFacts reverses any string found before saving it in this record.

The data is displayed by FFVIEWER to assist in identifying inbound fax mail.


$fax_nsfdata "Copia International"