Specify Fax Header Text for Top Line of Fax

$fax_header [header|none] [over]

This command is used to define a header line which is to be placed at the top of each transmitted fax page. This command overrides any $fax_header command in the user profile. For more information and examples, see the topic on configuring fax header lines.

The parameter on this command is used as follows:

header the header text to be used, enclosed in double quotes. The fax board may permit special escapes to insert variable data in this line, and you can also use CopiaFacts variables.
none a keyword to suppress the header line, overriding the user profile header.
over a keyword indicating that the header line is to overlay the image instead of being placed above it (Brooktrout and Commetrex only)

Hardware Issues: Formatting escape characters are available as described in the CopiaFacts hardware-specific documentation, and on some boards you may also place the remote CSID in the header line as described in the Hardware section. The header is ignored on color fax transmissions on the TR1034 board.

To insert variable-length values in fixed positions, use the {w} syntax (where w is the width) immediately following the variable name to define the expansion width.

For Brooktrout TR1034 fax boards, and for BladeWare, the sequence "|~|" in the header string separates the header text from that to be placed in the fax footer.

In a system using more than one type of board, this command can be overridden by the contents of a FAX_HEADER_xx variable. For example in a system which has both TR1034 boards and adds an Dialogic Diva board, you can define a variable FAX_HEADER_EN.  If an FS file containing this variable is picked up on a TR1034 channel, the variable will be ignored.  If it is picked up on an Dialogic Diva channel, the $fax_header command will be ignored, and the value of the FAX_HEADER_EN variable will be used instead. For more information and examples, see the topic on configuring fax header lines.

Fax Modem header lines are applied using a similar internal process to that used for $apply_gct, so support Windows fonts and Unicode (the latter if the FS file is UTF-8 or Unicode).

Default: the header string specified in the user profile (if any), else no header is used.


$fax_header "Copia Intl 444 325 8888 @DATE1"

$fax_header "Please Deliver To: @ROUTETO"

$fax_header "This text at top|~|This text at foot" ; (Brooktrout)

See also the additional examples in the Fax Header Lines topic.