Specify Fax Calling Station ID

$fax_csid "csid"

This command is used to define a CSID ("Calling Station Identification") to be sent as part of the fax protocol to the remote fax machine. This command is used at the time of sending a fax and of receiving a fax. ITU refers to this data as "TSI".

Important note: for outbound faxes, this command affects all operations done with this user profile, including broadcasts and server operations, unless overridden by a $fax_csid command which appears in the FS file.

The CSID can also be overridden by an assignment to LOCAL_CSID, for example in a preprocess operation.

The parameter on this command is used as follows:

csid the CSID to be used (maximum 20 characters and spaces), enclosed in double quotes. The ITU (CCITT) recommends that the CSID contain only digits 0 through 9, space and plus sign, but almost all fax machines now accept other ASCII characters.

Default: none (optional feature)


$fax_csid "555 777 1234"