Specify Fax Calling Station ID

$fax_csid "csid_string"

This command is used to define a CSID ("Calling Station Identification") to be sent as part of the fax protocol to the remote fax machine.  This element is also known as TSI ("transmitting station identification").

This command overrides the value from a $fax_csid command in the user profile, and can also be overridden itself by an assignment to LOCAL_CSID.

The parameter on this command is used as follows:

csid_string the CSID to be used (maximum 20 characters and spaces), enclosed in double quotes. The ITU (CCITT) recommends that the CSID contain only digits 0 through 9, space and plus sign, but almost all fax machines now accept other ASCII characters.

Default: the CSID specified in the user profile (if any), else no CSID is used.


$fax_csid "555 777 1234"