Specify Cover Sheet Template File

$fax_cover template_file [res_code]

This command identifies the cover sheet template file which is used to build a cover sheet. The template file normally contains variable specifiers (e.g. @ROUTETO) which are expanded with actual data at the time the cover sheet is built for a particular call.

For a fax-on-demand callback request, CopiaFacts will have used the $cover_sheet command from the user profile (or an override filename assigned during the request to the FAXCOVER system variable) to generate this $fax_cover command in the FS file created for the callback.

In a user-generated or broadcast FS file, this command overrides any value specified in the user profile.

The parameters on this command are used as follows:

template_file the full pathname of the cover sheet template file, which may be an ASCII file or a .GCT or .GTT file.
res_code the fax resolution to be used for the cover sheet, using the following codes:
1 use fine resolution.
0 use normal resolution (default).

Hardware Issues: On Dialogic Diva, BladeWare and Fax Modem, only graphical cover sheets (GCT or GTT) are supported.

Default: the cover sheet template specified in the user profile (if any), else no cover sheet is created.


$fax_cover @FFBASE\test.cvr ; use template file TEST.CVR

$fax_cover @FFBASE\test.gct