Record Caller Phone Number

$fax_callerpn phonenum

This command records the voice contact phone number entered by the fax-on-demand caller, if any, for a request initiated by using the $caller_phone command in the user profile, in response to standard voice prompt 8. The data for this command may also be supplied by assigning a value to the CALLERPN system variable during the request. The data (which need not be a telephone number if you wish to request some other item) is recorded automatically by CopiaFacts as the FS file is created for the callback.

If the system supports obtaining the caller's number (ANI) and if no CALLERPN assignment or caller prompt for phone number has been used, then this command will contain the ANI phone number.

The parameter on this command is used as follows:

phonenum telephone number entered by the caller or value assigned to CALLERPN.


The caller was asked to enter telephone and extension number:

$fax_callerpn 63055588882345