Set Infobox or State to Transfer to on Error

$error_exit infobox|Sstatenum|S:state|@varname

This command supplies the infobox reference or state to which CopiaFacts should transfer when an error occurs in processing the current infobox. An error may be caused, for example, by a failure of the checking requested by the $validate command, by an index of file failure in $lookup_var, or perhaps by a busy response on a call transfer in a $type transfer infobox. If no $error_exit command has been supplied and an error of this type occurs, CopiaFacts will normally terminate the call.

The error exit is 'cleared' on transfer to another infobox, or as soon as it is taken.  It remains active when control is transferred to a state.

This command can also be used in a $type menu infobox to specify the action when the caller presses just the # key.

The parameter on this command is used as follows:

infobox the name or number of an infobox (names should not start with an 'S' and numeric digits).
statenum the number of a suitable state as shown in Appendix C: State Table.
state the name of a suitable state as shown in Appendix B: State Table.
varname the name of a variable whose contents contain an infobox name or number.

Default: call terminated on error


$error_exit s12 ; go to ask for more images if error

$error_exit s:do_more_images ; go to ask for more images if error

$error_exit 100 ; go to box 100 on error

$error_exit @myvar ; go to an infobox determined by contents of MYVAR on error