Specify End-Of-Job Tasks

$end_job_tasks commandline [delay|DONE]

This command specifies the tasks which are to be performed after a job has been completed. Multiple commands may be specified and the tasks will be performed in sequence. The commands are launched by the JOBMON program which monitors job completions.

The parameters on this command are used as follows:

command names the program and parameters that are to be launched at end of job. The sequence @FFCJOB in the commandline is expanded into the full path name (but omitting the file extension) of the current Job Instance UJP file. Writing @ffcjob instead of @FFCJOB causes the 'short' filename format to be used, which may simplify any Windows command file that you call as an end-job-task. The sequence @JOB_INSTANCE is expanded to the job instance number (with leading zeros). The command line should be enclosed in double-quotes if parameters are used.
  The variables @FFBASE and @PFC are the only other variables which are expanded in this parameter.
delay the delay in minutes after job completion.
DONE a keyword inserted by JOBMON when the task has been successfully launched.

If you find the command-line variables limiting, consider using the EOJ_INFOBOX variable instead. This causes a worker-box FS file to be generated in JOBMON at end of job, which transfers control to the named infobox, in which you can construct and execute a command using all available variables.  However this will tie up a worker-box line in the engine for the time it takes to perform the tasks, unless of course you use a START command in the invoked command file to begin a separate process.

Default: No custom end-of-job tasks are performed.


Extract job data ten minutes after completion, and copy to a local folder:

$end_job_tasks "JOBXDATA @ffcjob" 10

$end_job_tasks "CMD /c COPY ""@FFCJOB.TAB"" c:\savetabs" 12

Do the same task with a command file:

$end_job_tasks "CMD /c @PFC\DoEJT.CMD ""@FFCJOB""" ""@FFCJOB.TAB"" 10


 "C:\Program Files\Copia\JOBXDATA" %1

 COPY %2 c:\savetabs

ZIP a job four hours after completion:

$end_job_tasks "JOBZIP @ffcjob" 240