Specify the use of e-mail signing or encryption

$email_security node keyword [keyword]

This command specifies which signing or encrypting processes will be performed on the system.

The parameters on this command are used as follows:

node the nodename of the machine which is to send signed/encrypted e-mail, or * for all nodes.  This parameter is ignored by the E-Mail to Fax Gateway.
keywordone of the following keywords:
SMIMEencryptthe system will process S/MIME encryption.
SMIMEsignthe system will process S/MIME signing.
DKIMthe system will process DKIM signing.  The keyword 'domainkeys' is a synonym for this option.
decodeSMIMEthe CopiaFacts SMTP Gateway will verify signed incoming messages and decrypt encrypted incoming messages.
verifyDKIMthe CopiaFacts SMTP Gateway will verify DKIM signed messages.
implicitTLSenables the second SMTP server in the CopiaFacts SMTP Gateway for Implicit TLS.

There is more information on e-mail security in the E-Mail Security and Gateway E-Mail Security topic.

An individual outbound e-mail transaction is signed and/or encrypted when the appropriate $email_options keyword is given and suitable variables are defined to specify the key file and options.

Default: none. E-Mail will not be signed or encrypted.


$email_security * DKIM