Specify E-Mail Default Notification Address

$email_notify address_part [address_part ...]

This command can be used to specify a single default e-mail address for use on e-mail generated automatically from the system. An example would be the e-mail sent to notify an incoming fax where no specific mailbox has been provided.

This command will be inserted into FAXFACTS.CFG during e-mail configuration using EMSETUP.  Only the first or only notification address specified in EMSETUP is placed in this parameter.

The provided address is not used directly by the system, but is made available in the EMAIL_NOTIFY system variable for use in infobox logic.  So if you manually change the command in the CFG file, it does not affect the address(es) used for automatic system notifications, which remain as set in EMSETUP.  Also if you run EMSETUP again, it will update the value in the CFG file from its then-current settings.

For details and examples of the parameter syntax, see $email_address.