Specify E-Mail Local Names for the node

$email_node_localnames nodename iname[,iname,...]

This command specifies the full Internet names to be used on the machine being used to transmit e-mail. This name is used on the HELO command used to initiate an SMTP or ESMTP session with a remote mail server. This command overrides the $email_localname command and should be used when a node has multiple NIC cards and you need to select different network adapters for different e-mail traffic.

When you use this command, an $email_node_bindnames command should also be used.

The parameters on this command are used as follows:

nodename The name of the CopiaFacts node (e.g. M1). The use of * to specify all nodes is not valid on this command.
iname the comma-separated internet addresses to use to sign on to the remote MTA.  Each should either be a fully qualified domain name (for example "copiam1.mycompany.com") or an internet IP address in square brackets (for example "[]").  The latter is recommended. If the entry appears to be an IP address without brackets, they will automatically be added.

The CopiaFacts variable ADAPTER_INDEX is used to select which of the comma-separated addresses should be used for a particular transmission.  If this variable is not specified, the default value is 1 and the first address on this command will be used.  The first value will also be used if the address entry is empty (two consecutive commas) or if the index value exceeds the number of addresses supplied.  If this command is not included, the value from $email_localname will be treated as if it were the first address on this command.

For more information about how these addresses are used for e-mail transmissions, see $email_localname.


$email_node_localnames M1 "[],[]"

$email_node_localnames M2 "[],[]"

$email_node_bindnames M1 "," 

$email_node_bindnames M2 ","