Specify E-Mail from address

$email_from address_part [address_part ...]

This command specifies the default "from" address for e-mail that is to be sent from the system itself rather than from any specific client or user.  For example:

E-mail sent from Job Administration to notify job results

E-mail sent from a fax-to-email application with received faxes as attachments

Any e-mail sent which omits both an $email_esender and an $email_from command in the FS file

The syntax for this command is the same as the $email_from FS file command.

This command will be inserted into FAXFACTS.CFG during e-mail configuration using EMSETUP.  So if you manually change the command in the CFG file, it does not affect the address(es) used for automatic system notifications, which remain as set in EMSETUP.  Also if you run EMSETUP again, it will update the value in the CFG file from its then-current settings.