Specify File containing S/MIME Encryption Key

$email_encrypt_keyfile WINDOWS
$email_encrypt_keyfile "listfile.lst"

This command is used to supply a key for S/MIME encrypted e-mail.  It is a required command for an FS file which also includes an $email_options keyword of SMIMEencrypt.

The parameters on this command are used as follows:

pathnameThe full pathname of a file containing the recipient's public key.  The file extension and format must be .CER or .DER.
passphraseThe passphrase for the keyfile (not normally required).
windowsThis keyword causes the 'other people' and 'trusted people' sections of the Windows certificates store to be searched for a certificate corresponding to the To: header e-mail address in the mail item. This will be the recipient's public key and will not normally require a password.
listfileThe command may specify a pathname of a file with extension .LST which contains one or more lines with the format:




One of the keyfiles, however specified, must contain a key which is associated with the e-mail address which is specified on the $email_address command in the same FS file. Using multiple keyfiles allows the list to be shared for various |To: addresses.  If no match is found for the To: address, the e-mail transmission will fail.


$email_encrypt_keyfile "`FFBASE\hiskeyfile.cer"

$email_encrypt_keyfile windows  ; pick recipient key from Windows store