Specify an alternate e-mail address

$email_alt_address address_part [address_part ...]

This command is used to specify an alternate e-mail address to be used when specified on the $retry_delays user profile command. If an alternate address is specified for the attempt and this command is not given in the FS file, the regular address is used.

The parameter on this command is used as follows:

address_part components of a single e-mail address in the format described for $email_address.

The value on this command may also be given as the special keyword "via_isp".  In this case the normal email address from $email_address will be used as the alternate address, but the transmission will be made using the mailserver specified in EMSETUP, if any.

Default: Same as the regular e-mail address


$email_address steve@copia.com

$email_alt_address sales@copia.com