Set Dialogic Telephony Board Low-Level Parameters

$dtg_parm parm=parmstring

This command allows setting of Dialogic low-level telephony-board parameters. Please consult Copia or your CopiaFacts supplier before using this command. Incorrect settings can disrupt the operation of your system and may also invalidate the PTT approval of your board.

The command is ignored if a Dialogic SC-Bus board with Telephony Channels (e.g. D/240, D/300) is not found.

The parameter on this command is used as follows:

parmstring a parameter specification as described below

The parameter specification uses a keyword=value syntax with the keyword selected from the list below. Only one keyword value can be specified per command, but you may use up to 16 commands to set the values you need.

Valid keywords are as follows:


DTG_MINPDON Minimum pulse dial reception on
DTG_MINPDOFF Minimum pulse dial reception off
DTG_MAXPDOFF Maximum interdigit reception delay
DTG_MINIPD Maximum pulse digit reception off
DTG_P_MK Send pulse make time
DTG_P_BK Send pulse break time
DTG_P_IDD Send pulse interdigit delay
DTG_PDFLASH Flash character
DTG_CABTYPE Cable type (LIU)
DTG_OOFMAX Out of frame errors, maximum (<=15)
DTG_FECRMAX Max FECR error count (<=255)
DTG_ESECMAX Extended superframe Err. cnt max <=15
DTG_FECSMAX Frame error count saturation
DTG_BPVCMAX Bipolar violation count max <=255
DTG_RDEBON Receive debounce on value, in 10ms units
DTG_RDEBOFF Receive debounce off value,in 10ms units
DTG_PCDEAD Signalling dead parameter
DTG_RCVTOL Low word of rcv timeout (& ack)
DTG_RCVTOH Hi byte of 3 byte rcv & ack timeout
DTG_CODESUPR Suppression value (b8zs,bit7 or tran
DTG_WINKMAX Wink time, in 10ms units
DTG_REDTIME RLOS -> red alarm transition time
DTG_RCOVRTM Red alarm recovery time
DTG_PDPSTIM Pulse dialing pause time
DTG_WINKMIN Wink time, in 10ms units
DTG_WINKLEN Wink length(xmt), in 10ms units
DTG_PREWINK Pre-wink delay in 10ms units
DTG_CECRMAX Max CRC4 error count <= 255
DTG_ECRRSTTM Err cnt register reset time in 100ms units
DTG_RXTXIDLE Receive & Trnsmit idle patterns
DTG_SEIZESIG Line Seizure and Response
DTG_DVPRMMAX Max value of device parameter
DTG_SETCLK Set the clock source
DTG_SETBDMD Set the mode
DTG_IDLTYP Set the idle type
DTG_DSERRC Disable error condition mask
DTG_ENERRC Enable the error condition mask


$dtg_parm DTG_RDEBON=10