User-Specific Do-not-send file

$dns_file filename.NDX | databasespec

For FFBC and Job Administration broadcasts, consider using the new $dns_phone and $dns_email commands instead of this command.

This command is used to specify an index file containing telephone numbers to be excluded for outbound calls at transmit time. If specified, this file is used in addition to the global Do-not-send file (default DNS.NDX). It has no effect on e-mail transmissions, for which the USER_DNS_MAIL or USER_DNS_DOMN control variables can be set to produce a similar result.

It is recommended that one or more $dns_phone commands are used specify the bulk of job-specific exclusions at launch-time, and that this $dns_file command is used only to specify additional exclusion requests that may come in after the launch of a large job.  This command cannot be used to 'undo' an exclusion already made by a launch-time command.

If this command appears in an FFBC template file, then the phone numbers are checked against the specified index file at launch time, and excluded from the launch if found. No FS file is written, so the excluded item will not appear in any reports. This usage of the command is now deprecated and may be withdrawn in a future release.  This command can no longer be used on an $fs_template command in Job Administration UJP for a similar purpose.

The parameters on this command are used as follows:

filename The full pathname of the NDX file to be used.  This is the only format currently supported when this command is used in an FFBC template file. The file must a numeric dBASE index file, and this parameter type is recognized by the presence of the NDX file extension.
databasespecThe components of the database specifier are separated by the vertical bar symbol (|) and are described in more detail in the description of the do-not-send feature.
Database NameThe full pathname of a supported database, or a DSN source
Table NameThe name of the table to use (default table name: DNS)
Key Field NameThe name of the key field to use (default key field RECIPIENT)
Timeout ValueTimeout for look-up (defaults to ADO default value)

Default: Only numbers in a global look-up file or a launch-time job-specific look-up file will be excluded.


$dns_file "@FFBASE\CLIENT.NDX"