Override User-Specific Do-not-send file look-up

$dns_file filename.NDX | databasespec | none

This command is used to suppress or override a user-specific do-not-send file phone-number look-up specified using $dns_file in a USR or UJP file.

The parameters on this command are used as follows:

filename The full pathname of the NDX file to be used. The file must a numeric dBASE index file, and this parameter type is recognized by the presence of the NDX file extension.
databasespecThe components of the database specifier are separated by the vertical bar symbol (|) and are described in more detail in the description of the do-not-send feature.
Database NameThe full pathname of a supported database, or a DSN source
Table NameThe name of the table to use (default table name: DNS)
Key Field NameThe name of the key field to use (default key field RECIPIENT)
Timeout ValueTimeout for look-up (defaults to ADO default value)
none suppress the user-specific look-up

This command may be needed if sending a final fax to confirm addition to a user-specific do-not-send file.

Default: Any specified user-specific look-up will be used.


$dns_file none