Set Dialogic dial-tone overrides

$dial_tone tone freq1 dev1 [freq2 dev2]

This command overrides the definition of the dial-tones for Dialogic analog voice/fax boards. You need this command if your board is connected to a line with non-standard dial-tone and you have to code 'wait for dial tone' in your dialing sequences. The definitions are applied to all lines, and up to three different tone combinations may be defined using three separate commands.

Dialogic utilities (such as CPLEARN) are available from your CopiaFacts supplier to assist in determining the frequencies of local tones.

The parameters on this command are used as follows:

tone One of the letters L I or X to specify local dial tone, international dial tone or extra dial tone respectively. The corresponding letter must be entered in your dial sequence to wait for the specified dial tone. When you define a custom tone, the names of the tones have no significance - for example you can use the 'international' tone for your local PBX dial tone if you wish.
freq1 The defined frequency for the tone, or the first frequency for dual tones.
dev1 The allowable deviation for freq1
freq2 The second defined frequency for a dual tone.
dev2 The allowable deviation for freq2

Hardware Issues: Dialogic analog boards only. The command is ignored for other boards.

Default: The default frequency/deviation for all three tones is 400/125.


Set local dialtone to a dual tone of 330Hz and 460Hz, each with a deviation of 30:

$dial_tone L 330 30 460 30