Set the Default User Profile for the Line

$default_profile line filename

This command is used to set the default user profile to be used for each line. The command supersedes the $fax_profile command used in earlier releases, which could not be used for mail applications. The default profile specified by this command is overridden when a specific numbered user profile is selected in DID operations (and, very exceptionally, when a $mail_profile has also had to be specified because the fax mail operations are only scheduled at certain times).

The parameters on this command are used as follows:

line the line number or line group(s) affected, or * for all lines.  Only the first assignment to a line is used.
filename the filename (without full path) of the user profile (.USR) file. The directory is specified by the $user_profiles command.  An attempt to assign FAX.USR as the default profile is ignored.

This command should be used when different lines need different user profiles. It is not needed when all lines use the same profile, which can then be named as FAX.USR.

Default: FAX.USR is used as the default user profile for all operations


$default_profile 1 line1.usr

$default_profile 2 line2.usr

$default_profile 3 00003001.usr

$default_profile * faxapp.usr ; all other lines same profile