Set Dialogic Voice Board Low-Level Parameters

$dcb_parm parm=parmstring

This command allows setting of Dialogic low-level voice-board parameters. Please consult Copia or your CopiaFacts supplier before using this command. Incorrect settings can disrupt the operation of your system and may also invalidate the PTT approval of your board.

The parameter on this command is used as follows:

parmstring a parameter specification as described below

The parameter specification uses a keyword=value syntax with the keyword selected from the list below. Only one keyword value can be specified per command, but you may use multiple commands. Most time values are specified in 10ms units.

Valid keywords are as follows:


flashchr Flash char in dialing string
flashtm Flash time 10ms units
pausetm Pause time 10ms units
digrate Digitizing rate in Hz
sch_tm Maximum time slice given to scheduler
p_bk Pulse break interval in 10ms units
p_mkPulse make interval in 10ms units
p_iddPulse dial inter-digit delay in 10ms
t_idd Tone dial inter-digit delay in 10ms
offhdly Offhook delay interval in 10 ms
r_on Min. ring on interval in 100ms units
r_off Min. ring off interval in 100ms units
r_ird Delay after ring cnt is reset in 100ms
s_bncSil. message debounce interval in 10ms
ttdataDuration of DTMF digit in 10ms units
minpdon Min. dur. for lc on for a valid pulse
minpdoff Min. dur. for lc off for a valid pulse
minipd Min. interpulse digit time for lc on
minlcoff Min. dur. of lc off for CST_CUR_ON
redgeRing edge
maxpdoff Max. dur. for pd make


$dcb_parm flashchr=&

$dcb_parm flashtm=15