Specify Optional Cover Sheet

$cover_sheet template [req_flag] [res_code]

In a .USR file, this command identifies the cover sheet template file which is used to build a cover sheet when a fax is sent in callback mode. For a callback request, CopiaFacts uses this command to create a $fax_cover command in the FS file created for the callback (unless an override filename value has been assigned to the FAXCOVER system variable during the request). The template file normally contains variable specifiers (e.g. @routeto) which are expanded with actual data at the time the cover sheet is built for a particular call.

In a .USR file, this command has no effect on fax broadcasts nor on any server operations using externally generated FS files. It only affects the contents of a callback FS file generated from a fax on demand or fax mail retrieval request.

In a .UJP file, using this command is equivalent to specifying the $fax_cover command in every FS file of the job. If a broadcast $proof_cover is also present, then the specified fax cover is dropped when the proof is sent. To avoid this, specify a Graphical Customization cover as a $job_document instead of as a cover sheet.

The parameters on this command are used as follows:

template the full pathname of the cover sheet template file. If the file extension is .GCT or .GTT the file is assumed to be a Graphical Customization template. The system checks that the file exists when the user profile is loaded, unless the template name contains an @ variable expansion.
req_flag one of the following codes:
Y ask the caller for numeric "route-to" information if not available from the $caller_id data file (default unless an earlier $graphic_cover command is in the user profile file).
A ask the caller for "route-to" information using alphabetic-style key entry. If you use the this option you should modify standard voice prompt 19 (and possibly standard voice prompt 20 also) to indicate to the caller that alphabetic input is expected.
N do not request routing information.
res_code The fax resolution to be used for the cover sheet, using the following codes:
1 Use fine resolution.
0 Use normal resolution (default).

Hardware Issues: On Dialogic Diva, BladeWare and Fax Modem, only graphical cover sheets (GCT or GTT) are supported.

Default: no cover sheet sent

Messages Played: When this command is used and N is not entered as the request flag, standard voice prompt 19 asks for the caller's extension number. Standard voice prompt 20 then verifies the extension number.


Use a cover sheet built from the template file CALLBACK.GCT and ask the caller for routing information. The template will contain "@ROUTETO" (among other variable names) to cause the value entered by the caller to appear on the cover sheet sent to him or her:

$cover_sheet @FFBASE\callback.gct Y