Specify Fax Mail Cover Sheet

$cover_sheet template

This command is used in a satellite mail box file to specify an optional cover sheet template file.

The parameter on this command is used as follows:

template the full pathname of the cover sheet template to be used.

The template will be used to build a cover sheet for the delivery of fax mail from this satellite box to the subscriber. If you also specify a $cover_sheet in the USR file used by the subscriber, that cover sheet will be sent in a fax mail retrieve operation ahead of any cover sheet specified to identify each satellite mail box.

Hardware Issues: On Dialogic Diva boards, fax modems, and Commetrex IP faxing, only graphical cover sheets (GCT or GTT) are supported.

Default: no cover sheet sent


$mailbox_type satellite

$cover_sheet @FFPO\3003\john.gct