Specify Telephone Country Code

$country_code code [DBOK]

This command is used to specify the telephone country code of the country from which the system will be placing fax, voice and SMS calls.

The command is used, when the code specified is '1', to enable special handling of North American Numbering Plan (NANP) numbers which may be entered with or without a leading 1 as described in the Telephone Number Formats topic. It should also be specified by users in other countries to disable this processing.

The official ITU list of country codes is available here.

The parameters on this command are used as follows:

codethe telephone country code. The code is used only in processing do-not-send, whitelist, and action code look-ups, and has no effect on dialing.
DBOKa keyword to be manually added if your own custom database lookups have been checked (and will be maintained) to contain only 11-digit NANP numbers with a leading 1.  This parameter is not needed if all lookups are done with NDX files maintained by PIN which have been re-indexed with an 8.2 release of PIN, which marks the NDX files as containing only 11-digit numbers for NANP destinations.

This command will be added by the CopiaFacts server installer if not present: you will be asked to confirm the setting obtained from Windows.

Default:  The system will not use the special features for NANP number processing.


$country_code  1