Specify Non-Standard Entry-Confirmation Response

$confirm_desc vfile_name

The $confirm_desc command is needed if you wish to specify a different "you have entered" message that applies to the data just entered using a $get_var command. When you use this command, you must specify $image_desc standard; you cannot also specify a special voice file name for the initial question.

The parameter on this command is used as follows:

vfile_name the full pathname of the voice file to be used.

Default: Plays standard voice prompt 59


The following example question-box IIF uses a special voice confirmation message, ZIPOK.VOX, which specifies the type of data expected.

;file 00001234.IIF

$type question

$image_desc standard ; use 00001234.VOX

$script "enter your zip code"

$get_var ZIP 5 5

$validate digits

$script "If the zipcode is correct press 1 to re-enter press 0"

$confirm_desc @FFBASE\image\zipok.vox