Mark COPIAFACTS server window with color frame

$colorframe node color [all]

This command is used to identify a COPIAFACTS instance, especially for a system which runs multiple instances on the same node.

The parameters on this command are used as follows:

node the nodename affected, or * for all nodes (but this rather defeats the purpose).
colorthe name of the color: the available names are: Black, Maroon, Green, Olive, Navy, Purple, Teal, Gray (or Grey), Silver, Red, Lime, Yellow, Blue, Fuchsia, Aqua, White. In addition you may specify any color by its hexadecimal R-G-B value (e.g. 0000FF for Blue).
alla keyword to make the color appear whenever the nodename is used.  We recommend that you omit this parameter, so that the color frame will only appear when the COPIAFACTS instance is running in a multiple-node context (i.e. has been started with a node name on its command line).

In addition to the color frame round the main part of the window, a matching color circle is also overlaid on the Taskbar icon for COPIAFACTS in Windows 7 and Server 2008 R2:


$colorframe M1 red

$colorframe M2 blue