Block ISDN spans on program exit

$block_spans node spans

This command causes the specified Dialogic or Diva PRI telephony spans to be blocked from incoming calls on COPIAFACTS program exit. The lines can be unblocked using $unblock_spans when the program is restarted.

The parameters on this command are used as follows:

nodethe nodename affected, or * for all nodes.
spansDialogic: a string of single digits indicating the digit x in the Dialogic dtiBx telephony board name
Diva: a string of single digits indicating the line device number of a Diva device.

You can use the Options/Debug COPIAFACTS checkbox for 'Configuration and Startup' to determine board names or line device numbers.  If you use a line device number which is not a digital line, the setting is ignored.

Default: the span is left open after the COPIAFACTS program ends.


$block_spans * 12 ; block dtiB1 and dtiB2 in each node

$block_spans M1 1 ; block line device 1 in node M1