Set Brooktrout Voice Board Low-level Parameters

$bfv_parm parm=parmstring

This command allows setting of low-level voice-board parameters. Please consult Copia or your CopiaFacts supplier before using this command. Incorrect settings can disrupt the operation of your system.

The parameter specification uses a keyword=value syntax with the keyword selected from the list below. Only one keyword value can be specified per command, but you may use multiple commands to set all the values you need.

The parameter on this command is used as follows:

parmstring one of the following keywords:

silence_compression     a value of 1 specifies silence compression

silence_timeout value in milliseconds for recording silence timeout (default 5000)
gain a value from -2 to 4 to set playback gain (default 0)


$bfv_parm silence_timeout=2000 ; set 2-sec timeout for record msg