Override the Highest Transmission Speed to be Attempted

$baud_max baud

This command is provided principally so that hardware capable of high baud rate transmission can be held back to for example 14,400 or 9,600. This saves the time taken in attempting to negotiate a V.34 transmission when you expect that most receiving machines are not capable of this rate.

Important note: this command affects all outbound operations done with this user profile, including broadcasts and server operations.

CopiaFacts does not prevent you from setting the maximum baud rate to be less than the minimum baud rate. If this is the case on a system supporting both commands, all faxes will fail.

This command can be overridden for a specific application by a MAX_BAUD or STEPDOWN_BAUD variable.

The parameter on this command is used as follows:

baud maximum rate, a multiple of 2400 up to 31200.

Default: If this command is not used in the user profile, the value specified for the line with the $baud_max command in the configuration file is used. If there is no applicable command in the configuration file, CopiaFacts attempts to send the fax at the highest rate supported by the fax board.


$baud_max 14400 ; do not attempt connection above 14400

To override for a specific FS file:

$var_def MAX_BAUD 9600