Automatically Receive Incoming Fax

$auto_receive boxno

This command can be used instead of $auto_call to specify a satellite mail box number into which an incoming fax is to be received when this user profile is activated. The command operates almost identically to an $auto_call command in a "fax receive" user profile, except that it can be used in a non-fax-mail user profile, typically set up as an automated attendant which can receive both voice messages and faxes. You may specify both $auto_call and $auto_receive in the same user profile, and the latter will only be used if an incoming fax is detected. One of these two commands is required to be present to handle incoming fax mail to a specific mailbox.

The command should be placed in the user profile specified as $default_profile.

The parameter on this command is used as follows:

boxno in a CopiaFacts system enabled for fax mail, the number of a satellite mail box

Your greeting message should be at least ten seconds long to allow time for detection of the fax tone. When the incoming CNG fax tone is detected, the playing of the greeting message is terminated.

Because same initial CNG tone is used, the use of this command is incompatible with polling; auto receive will be disabled if both are specified.


$auto_receive 3003