Select the Initial Infobox for the Caller

$auto_call infobox|mailbox|DNIS|USRDNIS [selection]

This command sets the image or infobox that will automatically be selected at the start of an IVR or fax-on-demand call. This selection is made at the point that the caller would otherwise be requested to enter an infobox number. All optional prompts needed for caller ID, fax phone and routing information will be made before automatic selection takes place (unless the $fax_phone_last command is used).

In fax mail applications, the $auto_call command will select the fax mail box number, but the $auto_receive command can also be used for this purpose. One of these two commands is required to be present to handle incoming fax mail to a specific mailbox.  They are not required for 'accept fax' where all incoming faxes are handled through mailbox 00000000.

If you are using an infobox selected from $auto_call to pre-process a fax mail receive operation, you can rejoin the normal fax mail receive processing by setting the AUTOCALL system variable and transferring to state 79  (DO_MAIL_BOX).

The parameters on this command are used as follows:

infobox specifies the document or infobox to start at
mailboxthe mailbox for fax receive operations
DNIS a keyword indicating that the auto call data is to be taken from the dialed number as described below
USRDNIS a keyword indicating that the auto call data is to be taken from the user number and dialed number as described below
selection for a menu infobox, specifies the menu selection to be made.

You may use the auto call option to select and transmit a single fax image or group of fax images if you wish to dedicate a fax line for delivery of a single type of information, for example in a polled fax service. If you do not wish the caller to make any further selections beyond those named in the auto call image, then you should set the maximum number of images using $max_image to 1 or to the number of images in the group referenced by the auto call infobox number.

If you prefer to use menus for caller selection of images, you can use the auto call option to automatically route the caller to your main menu. If you have specified a menu selection in your second parameter, this menu selection will automatically be made. If no menu selection is given, the menu description will be played and the system will wait for the caller to make a selection. Use the $auto_call option when you want to automate infobox selection to relieve the caller of that responsibility.

If you are using $auto_call to transfer into your own menu system and bypass the first request for an infobox number, we recommend using a non-numeric infobox reference. This prevents the infobox being accidentally selected by the caller.

For ISDN polled fax services, using the DNIS keyword indicates that the auto call data is to be taken from the number dialed by the caller, using the digits immediately following those specified as DID digits to select the user profile. To use this feature, an infobox file DNIS.IIF of $type decision is also required and the user profile cannot be selected if it is absent. Control will be transferred to the DNIS.IIF infobox if the DNIS digits selected as the auto call data do not reference a valid infobox or fax document. In fax mail applications, the normal invalid mailbox message will be played if the specified digits do not result in selection of a mailbox.

The USRDNIS keyword operates exactly as for DNIS, except that the auto call data is taken from the DID digits used to select the user profile together with the digits that follow them.

Default: none (optional feature)

Position requirements: Must follow the $script_locn command.

Message Played: When this command is enabled, standard voice prompt 4 (asking for an infobox number) is initially bypassed. Standard voice prompt 5 is played if the specified infobox is not found.


Select the image described by infobox 100 and place it in a list of images to be delivered to the caller. If the infobox is a group infobox, then the contents of all member infoboxes of the group will be placed in the list for delivery. If the number of entries in the list is the maximum allowed, the caller will not be prompted to enter any more infobox numbers. If infobox 100 refers to a menu instead, the menu description will be played back and the system will wait for the caller to enter a menu selection:

$auto_call 100

Transfer to MENU01.IIF, in which you should have created your initial menu. Because the IIF name is not numeric, it cannot be selected directly by caller entry:

$auto_call MENU01