Provide a Record of each Transmission Attempt

$attempt_record date time type skipped sched outcome class sent extra flags
 boardline baud call connect answerback

This command is generated and used by CopiaFacts to control the "smart retry" feature, and to provide a history of transmission attempts for subsequent analysis. One command is added to the FS file after each transmission attempt. If you modify or delete any of these commands manually, operation of the "smart retry" feature may be impaired. The command parameters are documented here for information only.

The parameters on this command are used as follows:

date The date at the commencement of the transmission attempt (USA format)
time The time at the commencement of the transmission attempt type A code indicating the type of attempt.
type(internal use only)
skipped The number of document pages skipped in this transmission attempt, including, if applicable, the cover sheet.
sched The number of pages scheduled to be sent in this transmission, including,  if applicable, a special retry cover sheet.
outcome The fax status or call placement status resulting from the transmission attempt.
class The outcome class for this outcome determined from the retry parameter file - A to H for attempts which will be retried, S or (optionally) Z for success or failure (final attempt), and I for ignored failures.
sent The effective number of document pages sent in this attempt (after incrementing if page adjust is specified for this outcome).
tosend The number of the TOSEND queue from which the attempt was made.
flags Flag values to alter the processing of subsequent attempts.
boardline A code letter for the board used in the attempt, followed by the CopiaFacts line number used. For PRI-ISDN systems, the CopiaFacts line number may not be the same as the physical line number.
B - Brooktrout
C - Commetrex Sangoma
D - Dialogic
E - Email
I - Dialogic Diva
M - FaxModem
O - Commetrex SIP
R - preview
T - TE Systems
V - Copia VoIP
X - no attempt
baud The baud rate used for the last transmitted fax page.
call The approximate call time in seconds for this attempt (line off-hook).  E-Mail attempt times are shown as seconds with one decimal place.
connect The connect time in seconds for the this attempt (line connected).  E-Mail attempt times are shown as seconds with one decimal place.
answerback The CSID of the remote fax machine, if known.  E-Mail attempts show the mailserver used.

Attempt records showing class 'I' are ignored when an FS file is read for retry, so only the latest attempt of this type is recorded. The final attempt (causing failure instead of another retry) is recorded with a lower-case letter from 'a' to 'h', unless the $log_options keyword logz is used in which case the class is shown as 'Z'.