Specify GCT Annotations for each page of Incoming Fax

$apply_gct gctname offset

This command is used to specify a GCT filename which contains annotations, typically forming a header line to be applied above each page of the incoming fax. The annotations can contain any of the PR_... system variables describing the incoming fax, as well as date, time, and any custom variables defined in the USR file controlling the fax receive operation. To use this feature, you must set the received fax format to multi-page TIF, either in the COPIAFACTS options or by using $media_type in the same MBX file.

The parameters on this command are used as follows:

gctname the full pathname of the GCT file to be used. The watermark file in this GCT file is ignored (and should normally be omitted), and it must contain only a single page of annotations, which will be applied to each incoming page. When designing annotation layouts in FFVIEWER the annotation cannot be defined in the top 20 scan lines of the page, so all annotations defined for this purpose are moved up by 20 scan lines before being applied to the incoming fax.
offset a value (expressed as high-resolution scan lines, 196 per inch) which determines how the annotations are applied to the incoming pages. A positive value (for example, 49) causes a quarter-inch blank strip to be added to the document at the top, before the annotations are applied. A negative value (for example, -49) causes a quarter-inch strip to be cleared at the top or the incoming document, before the annotations are applied. A value of zero simply applies the annotations directly to the incoming page.

An example of a suitable GCT is provided in PR_SAMPLE.GCT. To open it in FFVIEWER, reply 'no' when asked if you wish to add a watermark document on loading the GCT. To set up a new GCT, start FFVIEWER and select File/New/Document, then create your annotations. When saving a GCT for this purpose using the save wizard in FFVIEWER, select 'save standalone GCT' then use the middle selection on the next wizard page.

If you intend printing incoming faxes with FFEXTERN, remember to disable the option which adds a fixed-format annotation box to faxes as they are printed.

The original received file is copied to a folder named BACKUP in the same directory as the MCF and TIF files. Currently CopiaFacts does not delete files in this folder.

Default: If this command is omitted, no annotations are applied


$apply_gct @FFBASE\pr_sample.gct 75