Specify Text Rotation Angle

$angle [degrees]

Commands in these files are normally generated and maintained by FFVIEWER, and for most Graphical Customization applications it is not necessary to view or edit the GCT/GPT file.

This command is used to specify rotation of the text of the current annotation in the GCT file. The required angle is specified in degrees between -180 and 180. A positive value lifts the right-hand end of the text string and a negative value lowers the right-hand end of the text string. Annotations must be single-line, and the use of the angle command both inhibits the boxed attribute and forces transparent mode.

The annotation box should be large enough to hold the text if it were written horizontally, but the text is not clipped by the box when it is applied to the image. The center of rotation is the top left corner of the annotation box:

The parameter on this command is used as follows:

degrees the angle of rotation as described above


$angle 45

$textend "This text slants upwards"


Examples for a landscape mode fax:

Positioning an annotation (with angle -90) on a landscape fax
(tilting your head to the right to read the text):

Positioning an annotation (with angle 90) on a landscape fax
(tilting your head to the left to read the text):


Examples for Vertical Japanese Text on a Portrait-Orientation Fax

First select a vertical-written font (one starting with @ sign in the font name):

Then enter your text, which will appear with each character 'on its side'.  Variables can of course be included:

Finally, use the right-click menu to set the Angle to -90, and position the annotation to the right of where it will later be applied.  To show where it will be applied, this illustration shows the annotation applied to the image, which will normally not be done in the viewer itself.