Specify an alternate telephone number

$alternate_phone phonenum

This command is used to specify an alternate telephone number to be used when specified on the $retry_delays user profile command. If an alternate telephone number is specified for the attempt and this command is not given in the FS file, the regular telephone number is used.

The parameter on this command is used as follows:

phonenum fax phone number to call. For convenience when files are generated, the phone number on this command need not be enclosed in double quotes if it contains embedded spaces.

The use of non-numeric characters in the dial string is described in the topic for $fax_phone.

You can also use $alternate_cover to specify an alternate cover sheet template file to be used instead of the regular cover when the alternate phone number is used.

Default: Same as the regular phone number


$fax_phone "630 665 9841"

$alternate_phone "630 123 4567"

$fax_phone 6307788848

$alternate_phone 6307788848|,,1234