Modify Default Active File Lock Time

$active_life [lockminutes]

This command modifies the default time for which a lock file in the ACTIVE folder protects the actual FS file of the same name from access by another node.

The parameter on this command is used as follows:

lockminutesThe time in minutes for which the ACTIVE lock is effective. Values smaller than 5 or greater than 60 will be altered to the nearest value in this range.

If a CopiaFacts node fails and is then restarted, FS files in use at the time will be automatically resubmitted; but when the node is not restarted, the FS files will remain locked until the ACTIVE file expires. Reducing the lockminutes value will therefore decrease the time it takes for CopiaFacts to recover the active items. The value should not be lowered beyond the time likely to be taken by a real fax transmission (after allowing for the fact that the fax settings protocol may step down the baud rate to be used).

You should increase the value above the default if you plan to send faxes which take more than 30 minutes to transmit.

Default: 30 minutes


$active_life 20