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Discontinued Products

These products are no longer under development by Copia International. They are all sold as-is with full source, have no run-time royalties and, when available, documentation is provided. Technical support is no longer available for these products.


AccSys is a dynamic software library designed to provide programmers easy access to the data and index files created by the popular dBASE and Paradox databases. With AccSys, programmers can create, read, write and update dBASE and Paradox files easily without having to concern themselves with the internal file formats of those databases.

Panel Plus II

PANEL Plus II is a screen generator and screen management library for C programming that runs under DOS, Windows, OS/2, UNIX, XENIX, QNX, VMS, and RMX. It now includes dynamic link libraries for MS-Windows (as well as OS/2).



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