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CopiaFacts Automates to E-mail and Fax

Las Vegas, NV -- (November 18, 2002) – Copia International takes message automation another leap forward with FaxFacts and E-MailFacts, key components in the CopiaFacts suite of business solutions. First, CopiaFacts puts you in charge of your message delivery with preferred communications options through the same server. For example, invoices or purchase orders that are generated by your SQL server database, or reports generated by your report writer can then be set-up to automatically be sent off by either fax or e-mail depending on your customers preferred method of communication. You have complete control over when, where and how your message will be delivered.

Secondly, by using “smart retry” technology, CopiaFacts automatically handles the re-sending of your message by fax if an e-mail fails or by e-mail if your fax fails. For example, if the recipients fax machine is in use, not answering, or encounters a busy signal your message will then be automatically routed to an alternate e-mail address. This process also works in reverse for e-mail should an e-mail fail. You can even specify virtually any number of custom combinations of delays and retries you want. Additionally you can be notified of the results via e-mail or messaging.

"Since the early 1990's, Copia's FaxFacts software has set the industry benchmark for fax broadcasting", says Dorothy Gaden, VP of Marketing for Copia International. "As such, our customers already know many of the uses of our patented (#5,715,069) mail merge option and have benefited from more efficient processing of their order entries, customer notifications, statements and even invoices from their accounting programs. This saves them time and money as documents previously had to be printed then faxed by hand. Now with E-MailFacts, our e-mail broadcasting software, they can handle the personalization and routing for their customers that prefer notification by e-mail. The ability to integrate e-mail delivery options into the mix of messaging automation options creates room for further cost savings. Additionally, the open architecture of the CopiaFacts suite allows for integration with a virtually unlimited number of systems."

"This is probably the most flexible messaging strategy in the industry. Not only can you specify the date and time your message should go out, such as 9 A.M the next business day, but you can specify the format - plain text e-mail, HTML e-mail, PDF or fax. Combine that with a comprehensive retry strategy that includes alternate e-mail addresses as well as fax numbers, and there's virtually no way that your message is not going to reach its target."

About Copia

Founded in 1987, Copia International is an innovator in the communications solutions software market. Daily, thousands of customers worldwide use Copia's CopiaFacts software suite of FaxFacts, VoiceFacts and E-MailFacts to send and receive information by fax, voice, or e-mail. Copia holds the patents for its one-call fax retrieval and mail merge-to-fax technology and has offices in the United States and United Kingdom.

Contact: Dorothy Gaden-Flanagan, 630.388.6903
VP Marketing,