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Copia's Fax Software Offers VIRUS FREE Communications
Faxing is still one of the safest, most reliable, efficient ways any company can communicate!


Naperville, IL Immediate Release -- Copia International, Ltd., today announced that its product, FaxFacts® Fax Server for Windows NT, gives you virus free communications.

"With all the hype about Melissa, that nasty virus attacking e-mail, we here at Copia know that faxing is still one of the safest, most reliable, efficient ways any company can communicate." said Vice President of Marketing, Dorothy Gaden-Flanagan. "For as long as I can remember a fax never caused any major problems other than using a sheet of paper. And with a fax server there's no need to even generate a sheet of paper or handle the physical fax."

FaxFacts® by Copia comprises a family of enhanced fax software designed to give your company a very important means of communication virus free. You can send business documents, i.e., letters, announcements, invoices, statements, contracts (even signed) at a cost savings. The potential of fax applications within your company is enormous from the accounting department, legal department to your customer service area. Fax is still the quickest way to close a sale or get a signed contact to someone.

Studies have shown that businesses around the world still choose fax transmission over e-mail. When doing business with foreign countries, a fax makes it easier to interpret the message an individual is trying to communicate.

With a fax server like FaxFacts® you can send documents from any Windows application immediately to just one person or thousands. When you send that thousand fax broadcast you can personalize each one using our revolutionary mail merge to fax. Our graphical cover sheet enhances your communication, something that e-mail can not do.

Also, FaxFacts® gives you the ability to receive a fax to your desktop via Optical Character Recognition(OCR), Direct Inward Dial(DID), Dual-Tone Multifrequency(DTMF) or an e-mail gateway.

Think about the advantages of a fax server. You can generate a document and send it without getting up from your chair, receive a fax directly to your desktop, generate no paper and it's Virus Free.

Contact us to see how Copia International, Ltd., is implementing a fax based marketing campaign.

About Copia

Founded in 1987, Copia International is an innovator in the communications solutions software market. Daily, thousands of customers worldwide use Copia's CopiaFacts software suite of FaxFacts, VoiceFacts and E-MailFacts to send and receive information by fax, voice, or e-mail. Copia holds the patents for its one-call fax retrieval and mail merge-to-fax technology and has offices in the United States and United Kingdom.

Contact: Dorothy Gaden-Flanagan, 630.388.6903
VP Marketing,