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"Smart retry" technology prevents undeliverable e-mail returns by verifying that the recipient before the mail is ever sent


Naperville, IL, June 27, 2000 -- Copia's e-BLASTER , now provides the same high performance delivery engine for e-mail that drives its enterprise class fax server.

Copia's e-BLASTER uses its high performance fax delivery technology to bring unparalleled throughput for volume e-mail delivery. Copia's "smart retry" technology prevents undeliverable e-mail returns by verifying that the recipient exists on the destination mail server before it ever sends the e-mail. The sender may also specify a fax or voice number for delivery of a message if the e-mail cannot be delivered. An alternate e-mail address can also be given for fax/voice messages too.

The same fax message queuing techniques are also used in e-BLASTER to enhance e-mail throughput by maximizing bandwidth usage. Transactions logging and reporting features provide the sender with a complete history of each broadcast. e-BLASTER also does macro substitution within the e-mail message to allow insertion of merge data fields in the message. Messages can include plain text and HTML as well as attachments.

"Since Copia already provides a strong, industrial-strength fax broadcasting product, it was only logical to develop e-BLASTER, an e-mail broadcast solution", said Dorothy Gaden-Flanagan, VP of Marketing. "What better way to reach your customers today, it's fast and personal."

Ideal for any business that needs to notify their customers via e-mail and requires reporting capabilities. Boomerang Information Services in Palo Alto, California is a service bureau successfully using the Copia e-BLASTER broadcast solution. Boomerang is sending thousands of e-mails daily using a list of e-mail recipients and Copia's e-BLASTER engine. "We are in favor of responsible broadcasting, whether it's by e-mail or fax, to enhance communication to a targeted audience. By using e-BLASTER to generate an e-mail broadcast", says Dave Kearney from Boomerang, "we have improved our delivery because of the full reporting, smart retries, and queue management features of the e-BLASTER".

About Copia

Founded in 1987, Copia International is an innovator in the communications solutions software market. Daily, thousands of customers worldwide use Copia's CopiaFacts software suite of FaxFacts, VoiceFacts and E-MailFacts to send and receive information by fax, voice, or e-mail. Copia holds the patents for its one-call fax retrieval and mail merge-to-fax technology and has offices in the United States and United Kingdom.

Contact: Dorothy Gaden-Flanagan, 630.388.6903
VP Marketing,