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July 2010 - Copia Rescues OmniRush Users - More on Windows 7

April 2010 - WINDOWS 7 - REMINDER : Don't let your Support/Maintenance Lapse - LET US HOST YOUR CopiaFacts SYSTEM

October 2009 - We've Moved - It's a Boy - Again We're Testing

September 2009 - We're Moving - We're Testing

June 2009 - INVITATION to Evaluate your CopiaFacts System - Fax Over The Internet (FoIP) - Tip

March 2009 - Fax over the Internet (FoIP) Introductory Offer Extended - Special Invitation

December 2008 - Spares Today,,, - Fax Over the Internet

October 2008 - Look what you can do using the Copia Fax Server! - Separate Retry Delay Parameters for E-Mail - Tip: SQL support for logging data

July 2008 - Support Tip: Monitor Copia Facts - Support for Microsoft Office 2007 - REMINDER:  Check out our Gateway

March 2008 - E-Mail to FaxPlus Gateway - License Agreement with J2 Global Communications, Inc. - Changes to our CopiaFacts Client Software

January 2008 - License Agreement with J2 Global Communications, Inc. - DID YOU KNOW:  Changes to our CopiaFacts Client Software

December 2007 - Merry Christmas

November 2007 - NEW Option for E-MAIL - TAKE A LOOK AT CANTATA "FAX FORWARD" Upgrade

April 2007 - Cantata PCI Express Boards - SALE! On Cantata Products - Upcoming Price Changes - Firmware update reminder - Give us your IVR Application idea

March 2007 - Co-location and Hosting Mail Merge to Fax/E-Mail Brooktrout TR114 Firmware

May 2006 - CopiaFacts 7.2 Released Brooktrout now Cantata

December 2005 - Eicon Sale extended TeleVantage v7.0 - Brooktrout Trade-in

November 2005 - Eicon Sale Fax opt out tips - Vertical buys Comdial

July 2005 - Junk Fax Bill Passed VoiceFacts Auto Removal - DNS lists - Sale!

June 2005 - End of Life TR114 Loop Start Boards - Junk Fax Bill, " Hidden" Helper Applications

January 2005 - Update on TCPA law - New Support/Maintenance Pricing, Special Support Pricing (limited time offer), Artisoft Name change

December 2004 - Copia wishes you a Merry Christmas Holiday Closings

October 2004 - Copia Announces E-Mail to Fax Gateway Brooktrout rebate Program

November 2003 - Copia to Donate Percentage of All 4Q03 Software Sales FCC Issues a Stay on new TCPA Regulations, Tech Support Availability

July 2003 - Copia supports Super Fine Faxing Special T1 Deal Extension, Amy's Tech Tip: Fax Broadcast from client

June 2003 - Copia wins Artisoft Preferred Partner Award Special T1 Deal, Amy's Tech Tip: Versions and Upgrading

May 2003 - Copia Improves TeleVantage Integration - Amy's Tech Tip: Delete Week

December 2002 - Happy Holidays from Copia- Toll-Free Technical Support, Holiday Schedule, Automation to Fax and E-Mail

July 2002 - CopiaFacts and Call Centers ICCM Show in Chicago, New Maintenance Pricing, Toll-Free Technical Support

May 2002 - CopiaFacts new features Overview, Call Center Demo Show in Orlando, Communications Solutions Show in Boston, Maintenance Reminder

March 2002 - Breaking News on TCPA - Missouri Court ruling, PDF Support & New Administration Program

About Copia

Founded in 1987, Copia International is an innovator in the communications solutions software market. Daily, thousands of customers worldwide use Copia's CopiaFacts software suite of FaxFacts, VoiceFacts and E-MailFacts to send and receive information by fax, voice, or e-mail. Copia holds the patents for its one-call fax retrieval and mail merge-to-fax technology and has offices in the United States and United Kingdom.

Contact: Dorothy Gaden-Flanagan, 630.388.6903
VP Marketing